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At Core Audio Technology, Music Is Power.

We were founded on the idea that if you want extraordinary sound, you cannot just adhere to established methods. We are firmly committed to bringing radical new technologies to the high end and professional audio industries. Each Core product, from media server to fully digital home theater, is carefully crafted from the concept that power and simplicity are the key ingredients to excellence in audio reproduction. You will quickly notice that we are power supply fanatics and we are quickly gaining the reputation of the best sounding digital systems on the market today.

Core Audio Technology products are fully digital. This means there is no conversion or analog in the signal path. By designing from the power supply forward we achieve extremely high resolution and musicality through very low measured noise and distortion. Our next generation fully digital amplifiers and music servers raise the bar in terms of sonic quality and versatility. If all you want is a reference two-channel system, we've got you covered. If you want a 32-channel fully digital home theater system with active amplification, true 3D sound, and zero distortion, we do those too.

Unlike most audiophile companies, we are not built around the capabilities of one talented engineer. We are many and associate ourselves with electrical and mechanical engineers to create products that are distinctive and revolutionary. Our team has a combination of 14 patents pending for Core and hundreds for other projects and designs ranging from power to optics and beyond.

The quality of our products is assured the only way we know how: we do final assembly and testing in our North Carolina office. All products ship for free and come with a two-year (or more) warranty. We are passionate about building relationships and creating the best audio systems in the world for our customers.

Welcome to Core Audio Technology.

Some day everyone’s system will sound this good. Just give it 127 years.